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Our Route accounting solutions are focused on automation of the van salesmen’s daily activities as well as to provide data consolidation of the salesmen transactions

At Mirnah, we have the knowledge and expertise to seamlessly help you automate your operations, with the most flexible, feature-rich intuitive routing software – RoutePro
With 23 years of experience in van sales, we’ve been helping leading FMCG companies in the Middle East to improve their route operations

RoutePro for Windows

RoutePro for Windows

RoutePro assists sales personnel in having access to a powerful, integrated customer management and mobility software platform that uses Direct Store Delivery to increase product sales, enhance delivery and ultimately, helps organizations achieve high performance

RoutePro supports retail functions such as Presales, Spot-sales, direct store delivery, merchandizing and order taking delivering visibility through rugged devices. RoutePro is designed for off-line or online usage with data synchronization capabilities that enable field level data to be replicated to ease the exchange of information with the central control point or office as and when required. RoutePro Direct Store Delivery has been configured with flexibility in mind to suit the needs of diverse organizations


  • Improved Consumer Targeting: Access to market information enables excellent delivery of the right products at the right price at the right time
  • Faster Replenishment Cycles: Fulfill orders more rapidly, control product handling, reduce delivery lead-times and achieve better product pricing
  • Flexibility On Pricing & Promotions: Sales representatives have customer specific and special pricing along with complicated promotions and offers available at the click of a button
  • Reduction In Errors: Automated data collection, invoicing and delivery helps reduce manual data entry errors resulting in improving profitability
RoutePro NxG on Android & iOS

RoutePro NxG on Android & iOS

Mirnah’s Route Accounting product, RoutePro NxG on smart devices running Android & iOS operating systems combined with mobile printing with Honeywell’s range 0f receipt printers, drivers can skip the pen-and-paper routine and print everything from orders to delivery receipts, invoices and other documentation needed by the customer right on the spot. The Smart device automatically captures all transaction data, which can be instantly uploaded to a central database or stored for transfer at day’s end. Automating every step eliminates mistake-prone, time-wasting manual tasks, leaving time for more productive work. Drivers can make more deliveries during the day or spend more quality time with customers


  • Drive New Product Sales: DSD teams work with store staff onsite to effectively execute merchandising for newly introduced products and increase overall sales with product innovations
  • Reduced Paperwork & Administration: Sales force automation results in reduced paperwork and saving time on mundane activities that helps in making the sales people more productive
  • Enables Customised Promotions: Outlet specific processes facilitate tailoring of promotions to help maximize the impact of trade spend
  • Extends Existing Customer Management Capabilities: Direct and unrestricted contact to stores and outlets enables a one-to-one customer relationship management service and completes existing capabilities
RoutPro Unwired

Application/Solution Benefits

  • The RPU provides for fully automated and error free process giving end to end visibility of sales and marketing process for CPG companies
  • Application leverages industry leading SAP Mobile platform and provides for tighter integration with SAP systems
  • Application addresses specific country language requirements and provides for compliance of business process with regard to country specific needs
  • Improves Efficiency and Effectiveness in the distribution process with better receivables management, inventory control, sales coverage and retail shelf management

Business Driver/Pain points

Traditional Van sales and Direct Store Delivery systems lacked end to end automation and were error prone resulting in higher costs of operations. Moreover, the legacy Mobile Middleware lacked the smooth integration with back end ERP which also meant loss of data & rework. Now, Executives in such companies who are responsible for Sales, logistics, distribution and finance functions are interested in automating the Van sales process and empower their representatives with state of the art Hand held solutions to execute business transactions, directly integrated to the ERP system. This helps them maintain one set of master data, eliminate errors, remove latency and multiple stage of data flow and loss of mission critical information. Merchandising, Planograms, surveys and competitor activity tracking can now be performed with ease. Leveraging SAP Mobile Platform 3.0, Mirnah Technology systems now provides “RoutePro UNWIRED” directly interfaced with the SAP ERP DSD module. RoutePro Unwired works on all rugged and general market Tablets / Phablets running Microsoft, Android and iOS Platforms

Cutting Edge Route Accounting Technology, the Key to Your Direct Store Delivery Operations!

Presales &

Vansales Module





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& Planning

Real Time Dashboards & Report Generators


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Get right insights for faster and better decision making through our Pre-packaged advanced Analytics Framework for Route Accounting/DSD via QlikView technology


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New Dimension to affective Merchandising Dashboards & Reporting is here to help optimize Merchandising and improve sales.

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